SEWG and APO-G Announces Merger

SGAC is pleased to announce that the SGAC Space Exploration Project Group (SGAC-SEPG) has merged with the Analog Planetary Operations Group (APO-G) lead by Sebastian Hettrich. APO-G is an international group of students and young professionals dedicated to promote, support and conduct analog planetary research focusing their studies on comparative geology, operational procedures as well as human factors that will affect future crewed missions on planetary surfaces. Analogue studies are addressed in the Global Exploration Roadmap (GER) as one of the essential preparatory activities to extend human presence further into space.

Both the SGAC and APO-G believe that this merger will benefit both groups; it will increase the scope of the group’s work and push the project group towards new challenges and objectives. From now on, both teams will act as one, meaning that projects from each of the groups can be attended and assisted by every team member. The unified group believes that this will not only benefit our projects by adding varied knowledge, views and experiences to them, but also opens new possibilities to learn something new and gain additional experiences in the sense of projects, and also in the exchange among the now highly international team.

As part of the merger plan, it has been agreed that Sebastian Hettrich will become one of the co-leads of the project group replacing Marc Dayas Codina. We would like to thank Marc Dayas Codina for his work as co-lead and his support of the project group since its first conception.

The SGAC and APO-G look forward to working together. If you have any questions, suggestions or ideas regarding the merger, on projects or on how to make this work more beneficial, please feel free to contact one of the project group co-leads: Damian BielickyAbigail Calzada Diaz, and Sebastian Hettrich.


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